Risk Assessment on Global Company

Using Technology to Detect Risks
Risk Management Optimization

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Supports Clients’ various type of
Risks through Information Technology

We provide plenty of latest cutting-edge Risk Assessment solutions and system for detecting fraud, accurately identifying unauthorized transactions thru data such as number of transactions, credit card info, IP and email address.

Credit card information, which is the main information for identifying fraud, is stored in the DB and linked to the fraud detection engine, thus enabling more accurate fraud detection.

  • 2M ⁄ month

    Number of Transactions

  • 100K ⁄ month

    Frauds detected

  • 120 ⁄ year

    Companies assessed


Compatible with different
currencies worldwide

Handling different currencies come with their fair share of complications.Forex transactions and Forex losses usually occurs in accounting, outsourcing these can extremely reduce your company’s exposure to errors and mistakes.


Global Monitoring System

We can monitor data centers to credit card users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through our own systems and offices worldwide.

The system automatically detects any fraud activity as well as any connection failure and instantly reports the incident to the client for action.

365days 24hr

Business Process

We accept requests from
anywhere in the world

We receive outsourcing requests from all over the world.
Our highly competitive workforce are well equipped and trained to provide a variety of services such as customer support, system development, company startups, etc.